"Are you Legendary? Collect and feed, fight and breed! Embark on your Monster Legends adventure now!

Monster Legends is a new exciting game where you breed your own monsters and create a fantastic world of magical islands! Also, you can fight with your own monster team against people around the world!"


Monster Legends is one of many Social Point's Facebook games. It was launched May 1st 2013 and it is currently in it's alpha stage. It is very similar to their award winning Facebook game Dragon City, but instead of raising dragons, in Monster Legends you'll be breeding and raising all kinds of animals, some familiar to all of us and others totally out of this world! Like Dragon City, it is free to play, but you can get many advantages by recruiting friends or using real money to buy in-game items called Gems. Monster Legends also has more advanced Combat and PvP (player versus player) systems than Dragon City that allow the player to have more control over their monsters actions, and the ability to buy and earn Items makes the game more strategic and challenging.

The purpose of this Wiki is to work as a guide and a data bank to all Monster Legends players. We hope you find here all the help and information you need for the gameplay, but please note that this Wiki was created by fans and only by fans out of our love for the game, and as such it has no official association with Social Point or their game(s). Therefore we can't help with any technical or account related issues or bugs. For those, please visit Social Point's Official Help and Support page, or their Official Monster Legends Forum.

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Minimum technical requirements for Monster Legends

Browser Version


  • Google Chrome v.23 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox v.15 or higher


  • Google Chrome v.21 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox v.15 or higher
  • Safari v.4 or higher

To check your current browser version or to upgrade:
1. Open your browser
2. Click on the name of your browser from the top tool bar
3. Select About

Flash Version

  • Adobe Flash Player v.10.2 and up

Java Version

  • JAVA SE 6 and up

Internet Connection

  • DSL (speeds ranging from 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps)
  • Cable (speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to 20 Mbps)
  • Wireless Internet (speeds vary depending on the network)
  • T-1 Lines (speeds ranging up to 1.544 Mbp